Disco Dungeon – A roguelike music FPS

Okay,so I almost never post here. It’s actually been nearly an entire year since my last post. I doubt anyone’s desperately waiting to see anything here, and honestly you probably landed here by some fluke. Anyway, I’m going to try and change that. Hopefully. Maybe. Possibly.

I’m working on a game in my spare time that I’m calling “Disco Dungeon”. It’s going to be a roguelike (or maybe the correct term is rogue-lite?) music themed first person shooter. It sounds like I threw a bunch of game concepts into a blender and this is what was spat out, but I swear it’s almost a coherent idea!

Here’s the high level rundown of what I’m working toward…

In Disco Dungeon, you choose one of three classes of musical wizards: the world manipulating Disco Druid, the battle hardened and blood soaked Metal Mage, or the charismatic and whimsical Pop Priest. Each class is associated with a specific genre of music, and that’s what you’ll hear as background music when you start playing. Each class will have their own set of unique attacks that can be customized and changed over the course of the game.

Players will delve into procedurally generated dungeons, fight monsters, dodge traps, and try to reach the boss creature at the end of it.

Music doesn’t also just dictate your character class, it also will affect the core gameplay, the visuals in dungeons, and even things like the timing of traps.

Players can fire attacks from the character’s right and left hands. Each hand will cast a different kind of spell. These spells are powered by music, this means that players need to time their shots with the music. Firing a shot perfectly in time with a beat will be far more powerful, than completely missing the beat. The player will also have a mana pool that will deplete with each shot, correctly timing a shot will cause less drain on the mana pool than screwing up. Mana will replenish very slowly over time, and through items found in the dungeon.

It may seem strange that correctly timing a shot would give you a more powerful shot AND drain your mana pool less, but this will encourage players to develop their skill instead of just spamming attacks.

The choice of class (and thus music genre) will paint dungeons in particular aesthetics. For example, the disco druid’s dungeons may be full of crazy lighting and flashing colors, but the metal mage’s dungeons will feel dark and gritty, with such things as stone slab walls that are held together with pulsing flesh mortar. All of these elements will react in time with the music, and aside from looking cool, will also give the player visual cues to help them time their attacks.

Some extremely early prototyping:

Dungeons will be lined with all sorts of devious traps that players will have to out-think and dodge. Some will move in time with the music, others will be triggered by the player. The player is expected to learn about these through personal experience and suffering, it is a roguelike after all…

Death is permanent and will be pretty frequent, but players will collect certain persistent items that will alter gameplay and give an overall sense of progress in spite of losses. They will have a central hub that will be built up over time to gain certain bonuses, and to receive some light narrative.

… So that’s pretty much it. I’m leaving out some details that I have stored in a GDD that I chip away at from time to time, but this should give you an idea of what I want to make. I think it’ll be a fun game if I manage to build it all, and there’s enough small pieces that I can work on that I shouldn’t get distracted with some other game idea in a month’s time.

It might also keep me from waiting a whole year to post again. Hopefully. Maybe. Possibly.

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