What I’m working on right now

So I’m focusing on a couple things for the immediate future: getting my level generation algorithm into a state that I’m happy with it, and learning some of the basics of modelling with Blender.

I currently have levels being generated using cellular automata, and then I’m using marching cubes to build the level’s walls. It’s very cool looking and interesting stuff, but it comes with too many limitations.

You get results like this:


When I want results that look more like this (really bad) sketch:

Office Lens 20160204-201950

So I’m reading up and learning about different kinds of dungeon building algorithms so that I can pull this off.

On the Blender side of things, I’m basically doing beginners tutorials and trying to get some of the core concepts down. I need this to create proper hand models for my characters, building level geometry, creating traps, and making monsters.

All that being said, I fully expect my models to suck. They will suck hard. The good thing is that I want to have a retro-low poly aesthetic, so it will allow me to build much simpler models and maintain an art style.

You might be asking “why bother with an art style when you don’t have much?”, well.. The biggest reason is because I want to start figuring out the visuals now, and aside from that, I feel like I’ve been putting off learning Blender for way too long.


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