Going back to basics with my map generator

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.47.38 PM (3)

It may not be as exciting looking as the previous maps I generated, but my new map generator is creating the critical path from a starting room to an ending room. I’ve got some bugs to hash out with it, but it’s a good start.

Each colored square is basically an area where anything at all can go. I’ll be hand designing unique rooms that can snap together to go in those spots.

Once I have the bugs with my critical path sorted out, I’m going to make each room have a chance to spawn rooms adjacent to it, kind of like a really basic cellular automata. It should result in pretty organic layouts. The rooms themselves also won’t all be squares, I’m just doing that at the moment so I can write the logic to lay out rooms.

This approach allows me to have a very high level of control over each room. The other map generation approached I looked at generated really cool looking maps, but actually designing a challenging and coherent first person action game using those maps is quite difficult.

One of the issues that other map generators I looked at was that the concept of a “room” was very loose, and it was basically any area that had a large number of empty tiles.

Those generators also created rooms and then connected them with hallways. I personally hate first person games with big maze-like corridors, so having a series of interconnected rooms will just make for better maps. I can also still have hallways with the system I’m building, it just means that I have to make a room that is structured to look like a hallway.

Overall, I’m stoked about the direction this is going.

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