Jerk Driver day 1 Progress!



I have:

  • A terrible looking car with great driving controls (thanks to Edy’s Vehicle Physics:
  • An NPC car that will move between waypoints and stop to honk at you if you’re in the way
  • A rad half-pipe between a couple skyscrapers(and a ramp to get up)
  • One track of bad music
  • Really crappy roads

Here’s a playable link:

Controls are WASD, and R to flip back up if you flip over. The build may only run with beta versions of the Unity web player (I’m using 4.6)

progress1 progress2


Indies Vs Pewdiepie – I’m in.

Game jam time! This is the first proper post on my site since I blew it away over a year ago. LET’S GET THIS SHIT STARTED THEN!

Game working title: Jerk Driver

You are the coolest bad driver on the planet! Rack up sick combos by cutting people off, parking between spaces, and causing traffic jams!


  • Unity
  • A shitton of asset store libraries
  • Blocky everything!

Target feature list:

  • Basic traffic simulation
  • Basic pedestrian simulation
  • Decent car controls (leveraging the asset store on this one)
  • Ridiculous car add-ons for bonuses
  • Flipping the bird at people
  • Combos for bad driving, examples:
    • Long traffic chains
    • Crashes
    • Scaring pedestrians into traffic
    • Doing all of the above in reverse


Expect a mere fraction of these to actually make it into the end result, or expect the end result to not work at all. It is a game jam after all.